BLE Update for July 5, 2020

2020 Camp and Tournament Brochure

BLE Covid 19 Update

BLE Update – July 5, 2020

Hello BLE Families:
You may have heard – Manitoba and Saskatchewan are now playing games and Alberta is Scrimmaging. We here in BC are now allowed team practices with community play hopefully just around the corner. As we are still a few weeks away from camp, we are optimitic things will continue to progress positively with our full return to play in the near future if we can all stay the course and do as advised by the health authorities to better our numbers.

UPDATE on Camp:
If you’ve been to camp before, you are aware of our structure and daily schedule. Once our August camp sessions hit us, we are hopeful we can stay as consistent with that past format as possible. For those that haven’t been at camp before, here is a template of the day in the life of a camper:
– 9am to 12pm: On field instructional time with Specialty work
– 12pm: Lunch – Sandwiches and cold drinks to be provided at facility.
– 1 to 3:30pm Pool break and instructional time. Video work with analysis
– 3:30 to 5:30 Break time for parents to pick up players and feed them dinner
– 5:30 to 8pm Evening activity that will include Pre Scrimmage/Game
– 8pm Days Wrap up

Camps adjustments:
o No lodging – players will have to be dropped off and picked up daily.
o Meals – ONLY Lunch Provided. We will not be set up to provide Breakfast or Dinner.
o Equipment – No personal equipment is to be shared.
o Cost – You will see it has been adjusted on the registration page.

*The staff at BLE will ask that all participants abide by the health authorities suggestions on hygiene and social distancing rules that will be in place at the time of camp. As we get closer, we will revisit where we are with Via Sport and our “Return to Play” guidelines and adjust accordingly.

Best of the West Tournaments – September/October:
We are hopeful that by the time September hits us that we will be able to return to full Competition play (Tournament plays that will allow teams from different communities and Provinces to compete against each other). With that said, we have two dates on the slate for tournament play in Kamloops and stay tuned for other opportunities to be part of a “Best of the West” tournament series:
1. Sept. 25 – 27 Best of the West Showcase Qualifier and Bantam tournament
2. October 9 -12 Thanksgiving Classic – Midget, Bantam and Pee Wee Tournament

Travel Events – Team BLE:
– Oct. 30 – Nov. 1 30th Annual “Desert Fall Classic” (14 to 18U teams)
– November 14 – 16 Veterans Day Challenge (11 to 14U teams)
*Both the above events will be held in Las Vegas and are by Invite Only. Please understand that any event happening in the US will be TBA as travel restriction, quarantine possibilities and Insurance will play a role in whether BLE will take part in these events.

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– Facebook; Big League Experience
If you have any questions, please email me at; cheers.