Camp Life

Experienced players and coaches make up the staff of counselors and instructors at the Big League Experience Baseball Camp. They give each camper individual attention, outstanding mentorship and skills training. The camp atmosphere is fun, spirited and professional. Players are developed through positive reinforcement and rewarding, enjoyable experiences in the spirit of competition.


  • Teach leadership through experience
  • Teach the value of good team sportsmanship
  • Focus on the assessment and development of each individual player
  • Give players an improved sense of self-discipline and ability to self-assess
  • Share a passion for the game of baseball


7:30 Wake up & Shower 1:00 Pool Time
8:00 Breakfast 2:00 Free Time
8:30 Clean Up & Team Inspection 2:30 Superstars & Video Analysis
9:00 Field for Stretch, Run & Throw 4:00 Free Time
9:30 Team Competition 5:00 Dinner
10:00 Station Drills 6:15 Game Time
10:45 Specialty Positional Work 8:15 Clean up
11:30 Mini-game 8:45 Chalk Talk/Movie/Activity
12:00 Lunch 10:00 Lights Out


Each day of the camp is broken out into sessions of Instruction, Game Time and Supervised Recreation.

Instruction includes drills, positional work, chalk talk and video analysis. Each afternoon the players compete in throwing, running, hitting, bunting and fielding segments. Teams compete throughout the week in games, and also earn points(RUNS) for good sportsmanship and behavior, culminating in an awards ceremony at the end of the camp. All players leave with individual written evaluations from their instructors.

Game time is when players scrimmage the other teams in camp. Coaches will make lineups and players will head to the field early to warm up and go through pre-game routines.

Supervised Recreation varies from arena activities, team time and heading to the pool. Arena activities range from ping pong, hockey shootouts, karaoke, movies, trivia and more! Once per camp, teams will go through the Pool Olympics: Swimming Relay and Best Cannonball.

Heart of the Okanagan

The Big League Experience Baseball Camp is located in Oliver, B.C., the heart of the sunny Okanagan Valley. The area is surrounded by lakes, mountains, orchards, vineyards, and golf courses, and offers many other outdoor activities for families to enjoy during their stay. The climate, dry and hot, is ideal for baseball camps and tournaments as well as vacationing.


Camp staff and the Oliver community work together to maintain one of the best fields and facilities in the Pacific Northwest. The camp facilities include three 90′ and 80′ and four 70′ & 60′ baseball diamonds. The players are housed in the Oliver Arena building adjacent to the baseball diamonds and the community swimming pool. Players are served nutritious and plentiful meals by a certified chef, and a snack bar is available. Players can also purchase baseball attire from the camp.