BLE Dont forget list!

BLE Don’t Forget List


  • ALL baseball Equipment, including catching equipment (if catching)
  • Cleats/Bat/Helmet/Hat – The Camp will not have helmets to borrow out – for hygiene purposes
  • Ball socks, sliding shorts, ball shorts/pants
  • Pillow/sleeping bag/top sheet/and rollup foamy – Players will be on cots and if wishing more padding or a softer bed, we suggest you could bring a roll up foamy to put on top of cot (Yoga mats work).  Foamy’s for cots are no longer provided.
  • Swim suit as we will be in the community swimming pool during the week.
  • Shower shoes/sandals
  • Personal Hygiene items. ie: tooth brush/tooth paste/soap/shampoo/baby powder or Gold Bond in case of chaffing
  • Plenty of change of under garments/t-shirts/socks and shorts
  • Sun screen as the summers are dry and hot.
  • Water container/Water Jug – It is mandatory that players go to the field with a water bottle
  • Towels
  • Running Shoe
  • Medication (if necessary, please include complete instructions for use)
  • Concession money ($50 recommended)
  • Personal Emergency INFO

Players receive BLE Team Shirt/Shorts/ball cap and Tournament Shirt