Oliver Based Camps – FAQ’s

Do they have a chance to do laundry during the week?

During the week we will launder their team shirts.  Please note that during the hectic week it may be difficult to get to the Laundromat so please pack the necessary change of clothing for the week.

Do they need a pair of baseball pants and jersey?

Yes, they will need a pair of baseball pants as they will play a number of games throughout the week. If you do not own a pair of pants, call your local league and they should supply a pair for you. As far as a team jersey, it is not neccessary as we supply a team shirt for them.

At what time does the camp finish?

The camp concludes on the last scheduled day after Tournament play. The Tournament Championship game usually is finishes by 12 pm. Parents and family members are welcome to watch Tournament play.

Do you have a list of accommodations for the town of Oliver?

Yes, go into the tournament page and click the accommodation section for Oliver based camps.  There you will find listings of our Partners as well as links to other offerings in the South Okanagan valley.

Is it necessary to supply my child with a cell phone or calling card while in camp?

We feel it very important that your child does have a calling card or long distance card so that they may contact you. Ideally, a cell phone would be best as sometimes there is a line up to use the pay phones during the down times. Please educate your child on how to use their calling cards or cell phone.

Where is Oliver, B.C.?

Oliver is located in the Sunny Okanagan Valley on the Canadian side.

20 minutes north of the US/Canadian border crossing located on Highway 97(Oroville/Osoyoos crossing)
30 minutes southwest of Penticton, B.C.
4 hours and 30 minutes east of Vancouver on either Hwy 3 (Hope/Princeton) or Hwy 5 (Coquihalla)
5 hours and 30 minutes northeast of Seattle either by Hwy 2 or 90 east to Wenatchee and then north up Hwy 97 through the US/Canadian border.

Where do we drop the players off and pick them up?

Drop off is normally between 2 pm and 4 pm on the first day of camp unless otherwise stated. Pick up is on the final day of camp at around 12pm depending on Tournament schedule.   Drop off and Pick Up point is at the Oliver hockey arena (main entrance on East side) located at: 6359 Park Drive, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0.

Is there a number at which we can call to reach our kids during camp, if so, what is that number?

The number for camp office during the month of August is 250 498 2259. Best time to call for mornings is 7:30 am to 9 am; for afternoons, 12:15 pm to 2 pm and for evenings, 4 pm to 6 pm. If we are not available, please feel free to leave a message including your name, your phone number and player name.

Do the campers have access to a telephone to call home?

Yes there is three pay phones they can use, however they must have either a long distance telephone card or a calling card. Please educate them on how to use their calling card. It is not uncommon for campers to have a cell phone with them for their week at camp.

How much spending money should I give my child, and what can they spend that money on?

The average amount allotted by the parents is $50.00, this money is banked and can be withdrawn upon request. The money is spent at the snack bar and at the pro shop. No cash is kept by the players, it is all banked and logged and can be taken out at anytime. This policy eliminates missing cash.

Who does the cooking?

A certified chef handles all the cooking. The players are given three square meals a day plus snacks (usually fruit). We have had great reviews on the cooking and have been very pleased with our cook and staff. Campers who have special meals or allergies work with the cook to coordinate their meals.

Where do the campers stay and sleep during their week of camp?

The campers sleep on Cots on the floor surface in the hockey arena.  They are sectioned off in an area with their teams and responsible to keeping area clean as team points would be at risk if they didn’t.  The Cots are comfortable and all come with a foot locker (it does not lock) for clothing and personal belongings.  Most campers like to bring a rollup foamy to put on top of their cot plus a bed sheet for a more comfortable sleep.  You would be very surprised with the cleanliness of the sleeping quarters as we are very strict on this matter.

Do they need bedding?

YES, they will need a sleeping bag, pillow and we recommend a bed sheet.  Many campers bring a Roll up foamy (Yoga mat type) to put on top of their cots for a bit more comfort.

Where do they shower?

There are Six dressing rooms that the guys can access and if they wish lock to shower throughout the arena, as well as showers at the community pool which they will visit during the week.

Who supervises the campers during the day and in the evening when they are off the field?

When the campers are split into their teams they are assigned a counsellor/coach who sleeps in their team area and coaches/guides and watches over them for the week. We also have one Head Counsellor who  oversees the entire program. We believe that it is very important to have a controlled and structured environment for the week.

Is it OK for parents to watch during the week?

By all means, we encourage parents to come to the park and observe the activities.

What other activities do the campers have when not on the field?

During the week they will have the opportunity to get into the community swimming pool (please make sure to pack swim trunks). In the evenings we have activities such as hockey shoot outs, movie nights, ping Pong tournaments and trivia contests. Throughout the day there is free time set aside for them to relax.