Turning Baseball’s Double Play

Langley Blaze Turning the Double play


Set up and Footwork around the bag.

Baseball Strategy 101 – As an infielder, “I live for this”. Man on 1st/1st and 2nd or bases loaded – the pitcher needs help – no problem, get us a ground ball – “It’s Double Play time”.

Much like the goal post in hockey to the goalie is the Double Play in baseball to the pitcher.  However, in executing the double play and giving yourself the opportunity to execute it successfully we must get the 1st out and with that some basics have to happen:

1. Field the ground ball

2. Make a throw to the person at the bag – the better the throw the higher the likeliness of turning it over.

3. Be at the bag

4. Get the 1st out so that we now have a chance at completing the Double Play

[SlideDeck2 id=3279]


The Video spends time with the Langley Blaze infielders, at the bag receiving the ball with the emphasis being placed on the receiver getting to the bag early enough, giving a big target to the feeder, reacting to the throw (good or bad), and doing the proper footwork to set themselves up to complete the second half of the Double Play with a strong throw to 1st base.  As the receiver at the bag (2nd baseman or shortstop) it has to be emphasized that the action around the bag is: “Footwork, Catch then Throw”.


Key Points:

– Get to the bag sooner than later and set up so the 1st out is taken care of. We can’t get the second out without the first.

– Give the feeder the biggest target as possible so that we can ensure that first out even in the case of an off throw

– Recognize the ball out of the feeders hand and in flight as soon as possible

– React to the throw by getting the footwork happening – “FOOTWORK”

– Receive the ball in a manner in which or separation to throw is smooth and quick (transition) – “CATCH”

– At this time the plant leg should be set (throwing side leg),and direction and alignment are established to allow for a strong throw to 1st. – “THROW”

Hopefully the video will spell it out clearly for you, but those teams that can execute the Double Play will kill a number of potential threats and give themselves a chance to win some ball games.  A special thanks to the Langley Blaze of the  BCPBL for participating in the video.